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Micro Logistics

Micro Logistics

Logistics services for sellers who wish to sell in the US and around the world





If you want to sell to customers in the US or around the world and are looking for a logistics warehouse to fill the orders to customers and even get returns – we, Ship my Deal, at your service!

Even if you use the FBA services of Amazon and need an in-between warehouse for returns, transfer of goods to Amazon, attaching bar-codes, inspection, intermediate storage and more … We are here at your service.

If you do Drop-shipping and need an American phone number and address that can be used for returns and customer service – we will give you a solution.


Sales care service:

You opened a store or SHOPIFY store designed primarily for the US market, you sell on Amazon but do not want to use FBA services, or you have products to sell on eBay?

Please send us the goods and we will take care of your sales!

Once you have a sale, the information of the sale will come to us directly.

We will take your product, wrap it according to your instructions, attach the postage and send the package to the customer. A tracking number will be emailed to you.



  • Postage – to send the product to the buyer a postage needs to be attached to the package depending on weight and destination of the package. We acquire for you the postage by the special price list we have with USPS. Your cost will be – the cost of postage + 10% + $0.2.


  • Packaging – your product should be in a box, a padded envelope or envelope (bag) to be sent to the buyer. You can either pay for the cost of the packaging or purchase yourself a large quantity of the packaging and send it to us (storage costs would apply).


  • Handling – The cost of handling shipment is $4 and includes – product packaging, affixing postage and shipping via USPS / FedEx / UPS. If you need to send by another courier, or if you need bubble wrap, a $0.5 will be added to the costs of handling.

Example: You want to send the buyer a product that weighs 0.5 pounds, needs to be packed in an envelope that costs $0.15 and shipping according to USPS first class price list is $3.4

Postage = $4.2 ($3.4 x 1.1 plus $0.2), Package = $0.15, handling = $4, Total per Sale = $8.09


Additional costs – $10 per month for integrating with our system that receives your orders automatically

If you do not wish to connect to our system when you have a sale, please send us an email with order details and details of the buyer. The cost of postage will be – the cost of postage + 10% + $0.5.

You can buy the postage directly from eBay or Amazon and send it to our email – cost of $0.3.


Handling returns

Whether you are using us as a logistics warehouse, whether you’re selling through Amazon FBA and if you do Drop-shipping, in case the customer returned your product you need to know the status of it, whether the product can be returned to inventory or not. We look at the product, examine it and send you pictures and info about what we have seen so you can make a decisions about reselling the product.

Cost – $3 product




In case you are using us as a logistics warehouse for sales, we need to store your products. There are Amazon FBA sellers who prefer to keep some of their merchandise in our warehouse, mainly to avoid high fees to Amazon. There are Amazon FBA sellers that were requested to remove their goods from Amazon and need an immediate solution for storage.

Storage in our warehouses can open other selling channels options, including opening your own Web store.

Cost – $2 per cubic feet per month



Affixing barcodes

The products you want to sell does not always come with barcodes approved by Amazon. You can log-in to your Amazon seller account and issue barcodes. You send us the barcodes as a PDF file, and we attach it to the product and, if necessary, cover the existing bar-codes.


0-100 items 101-500 items 501-1000 items Over 1000  items
$0.25 per item $0.20 per item $0.17 per item $0.15 per item



Inspection Services

You agreed with the manufacturer in China for the production of a certain product, you saw a sample and have approved. Your merchandise is on its way to Amazon. But, did the producer really manufactured according to your specifications? According to the sample you agreed on? Did the supplier send the quantities of goods as agreed? When your product reaches us, we will count the boxes arrived, open a random box and count the units there, we will examine a random product according to the specifications you give us and we will contact you with the test results including images. If you wish, we can also send you a single product.

Cost – $25

Up to 50 items in a box Between 51 to 100 items in a box Between 101 to 500 items in a box Above 501 items in a box
included Additional $0.1 per item Additional $0.05 per item Additional $0.03 per item



In-between Storage Service

In cases we need to transfer boxes to Amazon after an inspection was done, barcodes were attached on products, you wish to return your product back to your Amazon FBA inventory, or if your product came from China and you cannot move it directly to Amazon, we’ll take care of the boxes and send them to Amazon.

You will need to log-in to your Amazon seller account and purchase the postage from Amazon, this way all your seller’s information will be on the postage affixed to the box. We will attach the postage on the boxes and transfer them to UPS / FEDEX.

Cost – $5 for 1st box, $3 for 2nd box and up – re-closing (if necessary), affixing postage and deliver to USPS / UPS / FedEx (Box should not exceed 10 kg)


USA Address

USA Address will position your business as a USA business. This will show your buyers that you are located in the US (there are buyers that prefer to purchase local products.) necessary when you register a brand and specify it as your business address wherever you want, including your website. It is also essential service for anyone who does Drop-shipping. We will notify you of any mail item arrives and take care of it according to your instructions. You can also have returns made this address.

Cost – $10 per month

Open the mail, scan, or copy and send the by email – $3 per item



USA phone number
USA number is also part of the branding of your business as a US based business. The system we use has many capabilities including routing calls based on classes, music on hold and so on. These features can make your business look like a big business, serious and reliable in the eyes of the caller. You can record a professional – “Thank you for calling … We are currently engaged in prior calls please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible”. You can put music on hold and create departments such as -” press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service …” and so on. Messages left on your mailbox will arrive to you directly via email as an audio file. You can forward the calls to your phone, in this case there would be a termination cost per minute.


Cost – $15 a month