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Delsym Children’s Cough


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Delsym Children’s Orange Flavored Liquid Cough Suppressant, 3 oz

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Is your little one up all night, coughing and sneezing? Try the Delsym Children’s Orange-Flavored Liquid Cough Suppressant, 3 oz, so they can get the cough-free rest they need. Made with a fun orange flavor, the Delsym Cough Syrup goes down easier than non-flavored cough syrups. Gentle and effective enough for kids and adults, everyone in the family can find relief from coughing and sore throats with this alcohol free cough medicine. Take the recommended dosage before bedtime, so your child is refreshed and they’re bouncy selves in the morning. Delsym Children’s 12-Hour Orange-Flavored Liquid Cough Relief, 5 ml gives you relief from common cold symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and sneezing. For all-night cough relief, this children’s cough medicine helps you and your kids snuggle up to your pillow, instead of your tissues.

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