FBA Preparation

You have full control!

Storing your products at Ship My Deal’s storage facility comes with many advantages! You always have the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments during FBA prep, like replacing old barcodes, reducing product box/bag size, adding hazardous/choking labels, and many other fixes and adjustments to prepare your products according to Amazon rules. This can save you the cost of removal from Amazon’s warehouse.

Shipping Plan

Creating a thorough shipping plan is a key factor for obtaining a smooth entry when your goods arrive at Amazon’s receiving dock. Whether goods are shipped via SPD or LTL freight, we will provide you with all the necessary details so that you can create your shipping plan on your central seller account. We will then make the preparation for departure.


As your shipping plan is finalized, we will generate printing-grade labels for every box/pallet for each destination.


In order to prepare the goods for pick up, barcodes will be affixed on products and master boxes and pallets will be labeled as shipping plan is finalized.

SPD parcel

Our storage facility schedules daily pick up with ground truck/trailer carriers for any quantity. Printing-grade labels will be generated with the content specification based on Amazon’s standards.

Amazon’s freight pickups

LTL shipments for AMZN/their 3rd parties will be prepared for pick up as soon as we get the BOL file. Pallets will be prepared based on Amazon’s standards.