Fulfillment Center

Multi-store channels

Connect your central seller account or any other store platform you own, such as Shopify, Woo commerce, Wix, or eBay, to Ship My Deal’s shipping terminal. Once a sale is made, a shipping label will be created automatically and your product will be pulled off the shelf and packed for shipping. When the order is fulfilled, your store will be automatically notified for process completion and provided with a tracking number and customer email.

Any type of product

No product is too small, light, large, or heavy for us. We fulfill items as small as earrings and as large as ceramic sinks. Our warehouse provides presorting, wrapping, labeling, and other preparations to get your products ready to shipped immediately following an order.

Inventory management

We track your product’s inventory and provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, or per request reports.

Multiple shipping options

Provide your customers with a wide range of shipping options through all major carriers within United States, Canada, and the rest of the world, including USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, ONTRAC, and major commercial airline companies. Your product can be shipped first class, priority, or express economy saver to almost every city around the world.

Handling returned items

Customers returning purchased items is part of any retail business. In many cases, a returned item can be resold after performing a set of tests. To ensure the product meets the appropriate standards and can be resold as a new item, we will examine the product inside and out for damages. Some returned items need minor fixes, such as reorganizing the parts inside, counting, cleaning, or re-bagging the parts, or minor repairs to the packaging. We will perform the necessary actions based on the seller’s instructions. The seller will be advised if the item does not meet the standards for resale. After this process is completed, items can be resent to Amazon’s warehouse for FBA sales or shipped directly to customers via a shipping carrier.

Parts fulfilment

Having the option to provide your customer with replacement part(s) will save you money (because you don’t have to ship a whole new item) and save your customer time (because they don’t have to assemble a new product). This is a win-win! Parts can also be used to ‘rescue’ items customers returned with missing parts. We will add the missing parts and seal the product prior to shipping. Each part is indexed, and box and shipping method are pre-determined for fast and accurate execution.