Warehousing Services

Handling Returned Items

Customers returning purchased items is part of any retail business. In many cases, a returned item can be resold after performing a set of tests. To ensure the product meets the appropriate standards and can be resold as a new item, we will examine the product inside and out for damages. Some returned items need minor fixes, such as reorganizing the parts inside, counting, cleaning, or re-bagging the parts, or minor repairs to the packaging. We will perform the necessary actions based on the seller’s instructions. The seller will be advised if the item does not meet the standards for resale. After this process is completed, items can be resent to Amazon’s warehouse for FBA sales or shipped directly to customers via a shipping carrier.

Product Inspection

Whether inspection is needed on randomly imported items after cargo is unloaded and before it is shipped to Amazon’s warehouse or inspection is required for customers’ returned items, we will examine the product for functionality and will advise the seller about the steps that need to be taken to normalize the products to avoid future sales issues.


UPC /SKU /FBA labels: We provide any labeling service as needed, overriding old barcodes with new ones or affixing new barcodes on non-barcoded products. If products were packed overseas without barcodes, just provide us with UPC soft file, and we will print and attach them to each item. If master boxes need FBA SKU labels prior to shipping to Amazon, just upload your SKU label to your seller account, and we will stick them on each box. We can handle any capacity, from a few boxes to an entire container; nothing is too small or too big.

Product Bundling

Whether you’re bundling several items or adding product supplements/accessories to boost sales or for manufacturing assembly, just ship us the parts that need to be bundled along with any specific instructions, if needed.

Flyer Inserts

If you need to insert cards for any reason—promotion card/hazardous card/return mail card/instructions flyer/warranty card/other—just ship us the printed cards/flyers that need to inserted, and we will add them. Any quantity works.

Product counting / sorting

Whether you have bulk items arriving on a cargo from overseas that need to be prepared for FBM or FBA or items retuned from an Amazon warehouse that needed to be sorted and counted, we can assist with any number of products in small or large quantities.

Other types of services

We can take care of any type of work your product needs to meet Amazon’s regulations and to minimize customers’ returns and reduce your shipping costs.

  • * Downsizing product package
  • * Replacing product bags
  • Adding safety material inside fragile products
  • Ventilating product to remove bad odor
  • Replacing a defective part inside the product
  • Re-packaging
  • Machine wrapping
  • Product cleaning